Sunday, August 21, 2011

AutoGardens status in Mid August 2011-part 1

Previous blog about Dr Bell's autogardens by Jennifer Hausler

With the cooler weather finally returning to the NYC area and the author's return from a vacation in North Carolina, it seems like the summer is coming to a close. 

In a garden this means three things.. 1) Harvesting 2) Starting cool-weather crops 3) Recording the results of the current year in preparation for next year.

Most of what will follow in the next few posts are contributions to item 3 but first, a listing and photos of the seven autogardens that are in operation at this time or were used earlier in the growing season.  This will help you to become oriented to the basic styles of AutoGardens.

AG 01 - Indoor autogarden in basement to start seeds

AG 01 Basement autogarden under lights. Top of Archimedes water lifter (AWL) is visible at rear

AG 02 - Indoor autogarden in living room window to grow house plants

AG 02 -  Living room autogarden. AWL out of sight on left
AG 03 - Greenhouse benchtop autogarden to grow seedlings prior to late spring planting [no photos permitted at Pfizer greenhouse]

AG 04 - Nyack Community garden plot autogarden

AG 04 at Nyack Community Garden plot - May 10th.  AWL at rear and powered by batteries

AG 04  June 13th. AWL at right and now powered by solar panel
AG 05 - Pfizer employee community plots (outdoors) autogarden

AG 05  May 25.  AWL and vine racks not installed

AG 05 July 8.  AWL out of sight at rear.  Vine racks installed
AG 06 - Home patio 3-tiered autogarden for flowers

AG 06 - May 27  3-tiered Step Garden on patio.  Partial sun location.

AG 06- August 22nd  AWL is visible at the left and watering controller is on the right. 

AG 07 - Home side yard autogarden for vegetables

AG-07 June. Side yard garden for vegetables. Foil on pots is to protect the plastic from UV damage.
AG-07 July 28th.  Viewed looking down. AWL is on left. Tall vertical posts are for Morning glories.