Sunday, June 24, 2012

AutoGardens -Late June 2012 - First AutoGarden in Brooklyn! Status photos

Brooklyn gets its first AutoGarden!

AutoGarden rack being prepared for loading into van.  Components (left to right) are bottom support layer, water tank, tray support layer, tray (with float switch, Archimedes water lifter, cover), tray cover (with holes for buckets and float switch)
Installed Brooklyn AutoGarden at 23 Seeley Street.  Rear row is vegetables, flowers are in front.

View from other side of Brooklyn AutoGarden

Status Photos

Today's harvest from seven containers of beans.  This is the  second picking and  probably reflects half of the total yield. Note value on scale - 516 grams
Nyack Community garden plot.  24 June 2012.  

Ripe blueberries

Ripe red raspberries